Interessert i fremtidens flycargo?

Jon Arve Risan, NorStella

Drone quadcopter carrying mail box

IATA arrangerer sin femte e-cargo kongress i Genève 13. og 14. september 2016.

E-cargo, teknologi og digitalisering står på agendaen.

IATA sier selv dette om konferansen:

This conference provides a platform for industry professionals with a stake in e-Cargo to interact with each other and be informed about the latest worldwide developments, in terms of regulation, standards, business process, and technology. The approach will be interactive, focusing on debates from experts, opening the floor for challenges and new ideas.

The event will attract delegates from all over the world, from specialists to leading practitioners in the areas of e-Cargo. If you are responsible for e-cargo, e-freight, e-AWB, technology, innovation or strategy in your organization, this is an event not to be missed. The floor will be yours for challenging debates and new ideas..

Les mer med mulighet for å laste ned agendaen her.

OBS! Det er dessverre feil link til Blockchain i nyhetsbrevet. Informasjon om Blockchain finner du her.

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