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0663 Oslo
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NorStella - Foundation for e-Business and Trade Procedures was established on 1 January 2003 and is appointed by the Norwegian Government as the national contact point for all international standardization activities in the field of electronic business and trade facilitation.  It is a user oriented, independent, non-profit, private foundation located in Oslo. Its predecessor was Norwegian EDIPRO, established in 1994 to implement EDIFACT for transport messages, and to use EDIFACT for customs clearance. NorStella deals with Internet-based standards like ebXML, Core Components, UBL and semantic technologies, and covers all kinds of industries.

The main objective of NorStella is to contribute to effectiveness and efficiency in public and private undertakings, by promoting
  • rational and simplified processes and procedures in national and international trade, in the private as well as the public sector and between private companies and public administrations
  • reliable and efficient implementation and profitable use of standardized data interchange between organizations
Because of its independent position in the market, with no links to any particular sector or industry, NorStella is able to serve all kinds of businesses and actors in the market, thus contributing to the establishment of cross sectoral solutions based on open available international standards, such as UN/EDIFACT, ebXML, etc. for the benefit of all user groups.
To fulfill its objectives NorStella is carrying out i.a. the following tasks:
  • Promoting Norwegian interests in international standardization activities related to electronic collaboration - i.e. electronic exchange of all types of structured information for business and/or other purposes.
  • Coordinating and participating in national and international projects aiming at the application and implementation of EDI solutions (EDIFACT, XML, etc.) and simplified procedures in different sectors and industries.
  • Initiating, establishing and accomplishing projects to promote the use of EDI and electronic commerce in areas where these techniques are not used to-day.
  • General information activities to increase the knowledge and consciousness regarding the use of EDI and electronic commerce.
  • Training and education through the arrangement of courses and seminars in UN/EDIFACT, electronic commerce and trade facilitation.
  • Offering users and members of the organization necessary assistance in connection with the implementation of electronic solutions, including paid services within NorStellas scope of activity.
As of January 2008 NorStella had approximately 200 companies as members. Reflecting its independent status, all types of enterprises, including public enterprises and SMEs and covering different industry sectors, count among the members.
NorStella is financed partly by the Government (2o%), by project funding from different sources (30%) and from internally generated incomes (45%), e.g. member fees, documents sales, services, etc. The annual budget is approximately 1,100.000 EURO.  In 2007 and 2008 NorStella is the lead partner for the EU-funded project Shortsea XML, which is funded by the EU-commission with 900 000 EURO.  

1994: Norwegian EDIPRO established.
1994 - 95: Several projects delivered. Amongst them, ”Standard agreement for  providers of EDI-messages" and "Electronic signature EDI".
1999: Standard transport document and bar coding for the transport sector.
2000 - 2001: EDI-messages for electronic transit of customs declarations.
2001 - 2003: Open infrastructure project based on ebXML.
2003: Transport XML established.
2003: Norwegian EDIPRO renamed to NorStella with a new Internet-based strategy.
2004: NorStella part of national initiative for eInvoice.
2005: NorStella chair of NordiPro.
2006: Shortsea XML-project started based on ebXML and Core Components.
2007: NorStella part of NESUBL - global standardization of electronic messages based on UBL.
2009: Launching of a new research project - FINT - ports as effective, intermodal logistics hubs - using standard XML-messages
How to contact us
Our address is: NorStella Foundation for e-Business and Trade Procedures, Grenseveien 92, 0663 Oslo 
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